Gwadar - West Bay

Gwadar - West Bay

Gwadar city, famous for the warm water deep sea port of Gwadar, is located on the south-western Arabian Sea shore in coastal area of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated about 460 kilometers (286 miles) from the city of Karachi and 75 kilometers from Iranian border. It is the capital of Gwadar District. It also works as winter capital for the province of Balochistan. Population of Gwadar, according to estimates of 2006 was 53,080.

For hundreds of years, Gwadar remained under the rule of several colonial and regional states, one after another. It came under the administrative control of government of Pakistan in 1958.

The port of Gwadar was finished in year 2007. It is located at the mouth of Gulf of Oman and at the apex of the Arabian Sea, which provide it a great strategic importance. The depth of port is 47 feet (14.3 meters). It is used to handle large cargo ships to Pakistan. The harbor is growing as main center of trade and a way for Oil imports of China.

The city of Gwadar was developed with a metropolitan master plan from scratch. It was used to be a village of fishermen before the construction of Port. Gwadar is now counted among a few planned cities of Pakistan.

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