K2 is the second highest mountain peak in the world and the highest peak in Pakistan. The sky-scraping mountain is also known as “Savage Mountain”, “Mount Godwin-Austen”, “Choogri” and “Mount Qogir”. It is located on the border between Baltistan in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous Country of Xinjiang, China. Elevation of K2 is 8,611 meters ( 28,251 ft).

K2 is called “Choogri” in local language. “Choogri” is a Balti word, which means “King of Mountains”. Mostly K2 is scaled from the trust worthy path that comes from Skardu. It is conventional path to scale the mountain and is used by most of mountaineers. The other path that comes from Chinese side is extremely difficult and hazardous.

The mountain was named “Savage Mountain” due to extreme difficulty of ascent and second highest fatality rate among “Eight Thousanders”. For every four people who reached the summit, one has died trying. In early days K2 witnessed many ascents and today the peak has been climbed from all sides.

In spite of extreme difficulty and hazards K2 presents; the adventure lovers from all over the world try to take new and diverse routes to conquer the mountain. K2 can be reached from the hilly town of Skardu which is well linked with Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan); both by road and air.

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