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Pakistan wins Asia Cup Kabaddi


Pakistan has won the second Asia Cup Kabbadi Championship after a thrilling final by a score of 40-31 as the Indian team forfeited the tie on a technical objection raised by the hosts on Monday under lights before a full house of nearly thirty thousand spectators.
Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mohammad Iqbal and Indian Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukbir Singh Badal were the chief guests on the occasion and witnessed the absorbing tie with keen interest.
Pakistan were leading 36-31 midway through the second half when Indian ace attacker Suhkvinder Singh raided the Pakistani area for the second successive time , a big technical mistake as a player cannot go for attack for two times in a row.
At this point the match officials intervened and tried to control the situation by listening point of view of both the sides and finally upheld the protest of the home team on which the Indians refused to continue the game, forfeiting the match when ace of Pakistani team, Babar Gujjar entered the Indian area for attack but no one from the opposition made any move and Gujjar returned in jubilation taking Pakistani score to 40-31. Home side folded the first half 22-16 as Pakistani players demonstrated greater anticipation and agility to defy a strong Indian challenge amid roar from a packed gathering.
Pakistan’s superiority was evident from their lead which was seen at 10-7, 12-7 and the home team expanded the lead with collective efforts and superior display of skills on part of energetic Pakistani players.
Skipper Musharraf led from the front and received equal support from Sajjad Gujjar, Saddique Butt, Sajjad, Saifullah, Shafiq and Obaidullah who exhibited expertise in attacks.
Pakistani players applied forceful grips on occasions to get hold of Indian players to remain focus of attention.
The second half was the climax of the game as the Indian side made desperate efforts to equalize the score and in process got closer to the home side .Pakistani team maintained lead at 24-21, 26-23, 28-24, 30-25, 32-26, 33-27, 35-27, 35-29 and 35-30.
Indian teams most outstanding players were Garveet Singh, Balveer Singh, Naqveer Singh, Gourmeet Singh, Garu Lal Singh, Shalveer Singh , Monogeet Singh, Salvinger Singh , Biljeet Singh and Makasih Kumar.
Earlier, in a classification match for the third place, Iran thrashed lowly rated Nepal 72-27.
Later the Indian Punjab deputy chief minister and speaker Punjab Assembly gave away prizes to the players.

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